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Cozy Living Room

Great Investment

Firstly, one may question the necessity of such a service. Investing in professional home staging is a wise decision, as it typically yields a 3-5% higher selling price compared to non-staged properties, while also reducing time on the market by 20-30%. For instance, a 3% increase amounts to $9,000 for a $300,000 condo or a $24,000 value increase for an $800,000 house—making this a profitable return on investment.


We firmly believe transparency is vital in any relationship, including business partnerships. Consequently, we provide an upfront overview of the required investment cost. While each property and client is unique, and requirements may vary, we strive to maintain simplicity in our pricing structure:

The initial setup cost for vacant home staging is $1300 and the monthly cost is $1,000.

What does the staging cost encompass?

  • In-person assessment of the property's condition, layout, strengths, and weaknesses

  • Strategic planning and design, considering factors such as target demographic, market trends, color schemes, and placement

  • Furniture selection, packing, moving, unloading, and arrangement within (and outside) the property for the following areas:

    • Entrance (outside)

    • Living room or family room

    • Dining room or Kitchen

    • Owner Suite

  • Identification and arrangement of accessories, props and art​


The initial setup cost for each additional room or area is priced at $150 and the monthly cost is $100.

The pricing outlined above is applicable for homes of up to 4 bedrooms or up to 3,000 square feet. For larger homes, we offer customized quotes following a thorough evaluation.

We are pleased to offer supplementary services:

  • Cleaning

  • Renovation or repair assistance

  • Garden enhancement

  • Marketing material creation

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